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How to Reprogram Your Mind for Wealth (Part 2)

In the part 1 of this article, How to Reprogram Your Mind for Wealth, I discussed extensively why you need to reprogram your mind for wealth. In today’s article, we would look at specific steps to take to reprogram our minds for wealth and success. To reprogram your mind, you need to
do the following:

Reprogram Your Mind by Reading Good Books

  Where you are today is a result of the books you have been reading. 

 “There is nothing deep down inside us except what we have put there ourselves.”
- Richard Rorty
Just as I explained in the part 1 of this article that my computer needed to be programmed to design websites, so does your mind need to be programmed with positive and success, and wealth programs to live a successful life. Begin to program your mind for success by reading good self-help and personal development books. Begin to read a book that will help you move toward your dream for success.
The number one self-help and personal development book in the whole wide world is the Bible. The process of reprogramming begins when you open your mind to the Word of God; it has the ability to renew and energize your mind for success, wealth and absolutely anything.
When you give yourself to the study of God’s Word, you’ll begin to think differently. You’ll begin to meditate on good thoughts, and this will affect every area of your life.
The Chinese philosopher, Confucius, stated,  
“The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large.” 

The Word of God will help you think success.
Also, cultivate the habit of buying and reading at least two good and inspiring books on a monthly basis. The results may not be instantaneous but one thing is certain, the more you read, the more your mind absorbs thoughts of confidence, strength, success and wealth. And since you become what you think about most of the time, your life will begin to take the shape of what you read.
I strongly believe that nothing is impossible unto us if only we let our mind mount up with the wings of possibility and soar. When your mind is rightly programmed, no longer will you begin to think that a witch somewhere is holding your success.
No longer will you think you’re a failure just because you failed an exam. No longer will you have the mind-set that you’re disadvantaged and inferior because you don’t have a job yet. No longer will you think that your dream job is impossible because you don’t know somebody in XYZ Company.
No longer will you think that you have to steal or defraud people to make it in life. No longer will you think that you’re poor because you come from a poor family background. Reading the right materials will change and improve your thought life, and you’ll begin to see possibilities.

Reprogram Your Mind by Choosing the Right Friends

It’s very important for you to know that your friends affect how you think; they affect your attitude to life. If you stay around negative people often, and you don’t guard against what goes into your mind, unconsciously without any extra effort on your part, you will become negative minded.
If your friends are always complaining about how bad the economy or the country is, I wouldn’t expect otherwise from you; except you’ve learnt how to guard your heart and mind with all diligence.
As a student, who are your close friends? Do you associate with students who don’t attend lectures or are not serious with their studies? It’s so important the friends you associate with. If you really want to make the A’s as a student or be the best at what you do, then choose friends who will bring out the best in you.
Choose friends who believe in the future of Nigeria. As we prepare ourselves to win and take our nation to greater heights, a big part of that preparation is surrounding ourselves with people who are encouragers; people who will help us reach our potentials and achieve our dreams.
While it is true that there are many negative people who take every opportunity to encourage failure, I believe that there are others who can help you become successful.
Encouragers are people who have been successful themselves. They are people who stepped up and took risks and were able to accomplish things negative people thought and believed were impossible.
I know of someone who never has good news to tell whenever he comes home from work. He complains about the traffic, his boss, colleagues and the economic conditions. In fact, if you told him the country isn’t as bad as he thinks, he’ll be ready to pick a fight with you. My goodness, it was that bad!
I totally agree with Epictetus, the philosopher who remarked,  
“The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.” 

Keep company with people who will bring out the best in you. Anyone who doesn’t believe in wealth and abundance is not worthy to be your friend. Why?  They will infect you with their negative beliefs about money and wealth. Remember, to be wealthy and live the successful life you must program your mind rightly. And you do this by reading the write materials and moving with the right kind of friends. 
You will Achieve Your Dreams! 

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