Tuesday, 8 September 2015

How to Reprogram Your Mind for Wealth (Part 1)

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The reason some people will never become wealthy in life is because of how their minds have been programmed regarding money and wealth. I know of an acquaintance that sees and says nothing good about rich and wealthy people. He is ever cynical about their source of wealth. He believes that very wealthy people must be involved in
shady businesses or something bad.
He has been programmed to believe that no one can become wealthy through legitimate means. The last time I saw him, he looked like a puppet used for puppet shows; his face was carved by suffering and frustration.
From my observation that day, I think the refugees in the refugee camps were in better living conditions than he was in. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised to meet him in that condition. Since he has been programmed to believe there is no such thing as legitimate wealth, he would definitely continue to struggle to become wealthy legitimately.
Understand that the result of your life is directly affected by your programming. There’s hope for anyone who has received wrong programming. Changing your programming will however take a conscious effort from you. If you want to live a life of wealth and abundance, then be ready to program your mind. You’ve got to change the way you think.
I remember when I began to learn how to build and design websites. I never knew how easy it was until I had installed a website design software on my computer. When I installed this software, I was able to perform tasks which prior to installation of the software was impossible.
If prior to installation, I had tried to design a website, it would have been difficult or nearly impossible. Even if I shouted at the computer or hit it with a hammer, it still wouldn’t design a website; simply because it wasn’t programmed to.
I have met folks who desire to live the good life but have spent more than half of their lives thinking the wrong thoughts and saying the wrong words. To live the good life, you’ve got to think the good life and talk the good life. That’s the only way.
I said earlier that success, happiness, wealth and abundance in life depends on the programming of your mind. Therefore, to harness the power of your mind and program it in the right direction, you’ve to take some specific steps.
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