Wednesday, 7 October 2015

How to Attract Money with the Power of Visualization (Law of Attraction)

Visualization is a powerful technique for attracting money into your life. The poor man is not aware of the power of imagination. If he were, he would use his imaginative powers correctly and wisely. That is why he cannot and will never be able to attract money into his life until he becomes aware, and begins to use it in a proper manner.

Your ability to visualize what you want, in this case money, is the most powerful faculty that you have. All that you have today is directly related to the mental pictures or images that you hold in your mind regularly. As you change the pictures inside your mind, your condition on the outside will begin to change to correspond to those pictures inside your mind. This is the Law of Attraction at work.
Visualization is a powerful technique that activates the Law of Attraction. And it is this law that attracts into your life the people, circumstances and money that you require to live life to the fullest.

What You See is What You Get

One way or the other, you are always visualizing. Every time you think of something or someone, remember a movie, or even while driving in a car, you are visualizing.
Just as you attract what you think about regularly, so also you attract what you visualize regularly. American motivational speaker and philosopher, Dennis Waitley, said, “Your mental images are your previews of your life’s coming attraction.”

Visualize the Money You Desire

Rich people are those who visualize the kind of money they want to attract. Prior, to attracting money, rich people visualize the exact amount of money they want. They visualize what they want to use the money for and enjoy the feeling that comes with it. They begin to feel the emotion of happiness, joy and peace as they visualize the money they want to attract into their lives.
It is these emotions of gratitude, peace and joy that bring about the manifestation of the money in their lives. 
On the other hand, the poor also uses the power of visualization, but uses it wrongly. When poor people think about money, instead of visualizing in their mind the money they desire and enjoy the feeling that comes with having it, they begin to paint in their mind images of lack and scarcity.
They think about the last time they needed money and didn’t get it. And the images of lack that they paint in their mind bring the feelings of depression, discouragement, sadness and fear. Theses destructive emotions are the very emotions that repel money. 

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