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How to Overcome the Feeling of Rejection

how to overcome rejection.
Rejection strikes at the very core of our being. It attacks our self-image and self-worth. It is like an emotional virus that spreads to other areas of our lives. Therefore, when we realize we are suffering from rejection, we should immediately take action to overcome it and all negative feelings associated with it. 

The first step to overcoming feelings of rejection is accepting Jesus as your Lord and Saviour

 When you become born again, you become a new creature in Christ! Instead of being connected to sin, you are reconnected to the nature of God. We become carriers of all that He is! As new creatures in Christ, we are no longer subject to the curse of being emotionally-ruled. This means rejection does not have to ruin our lives unless we allow it to. 

When you accept Jesus as your Saviour, you become children of the most high God and joint heirs with Jesus. With Jesus by your side, you do not need to compromise your standards to be accepted by anyone. Not only does God accept you unconditionally, but you can trust Him to bring people into your life who won’t ask you to compromise your beliefs.

The second step to obtaining freedom from rejection is to discover what it truly means to be the righteousness of God.

Now this is an area where a lot of people miss it because they do not understand what righteousness through Jesus is really all about. 

God sent Jesus to Earth to redeem mankind from the curse of sin. Through Him, we are all able to come into relationship with God once again and remain in fellowship with Him forever. 

When Jesus sacrificed Himself on the cross, He did not just take on sin; He became sin so that a divine exchange could take place—our sin in exchange for His righteousness. Jesus not only died physically, He also died spiritually, experiencing separation from God. When He defeated the enemy in Hell, and was resurrected, the job was done. We now have the right to be called children of God!

So righteousness is not something any of us can earn. There is no amount of good works that could ever qualify us to become righteous in God’s eyes! 

Righteousness is a free gift we receive through Jesus. 

The third step is to forgive those who have hurt us.

Forgiveness is a vital part of getting rejection out of our lives. When we are rejected by someone, the rejection can grow into anger, resentment, bitterness, and strife. And when we hold on to these negative emotions, by refusing to forgive those who have rejected us, we give them power in our lives. 

Unforgiveness is like drinking poison, hoping the person you are angry with will die. 

All it does is hurt you in the long run. Instead of spending energy holding on to what others have done to you, just forgive them and say to yourself, “Boy, they just don’t know what they’re missing. I’m awesome!”

Finally, freedom from rejection is possible when you break free from codependency on others.

You can love and admire people, but never allow them to determine how you feel about yourself and how you carry yourself. 

A great way to become more comfortable with yourself is to take time to do things and go places by yourself. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a nice dinner or a movie. In fact, it can be a great way to learn how to stop depending on people for happiness and approval.
When you can get to the place where you enjoy spending time with yourself, self-esteem increases, and the chains of rejection are broken.

Follow the above steps to overcome rejection in your life. You will Achieve Your Dreams!

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