Monday, 31 August 2015

Motivational Quotes by Moses Rich Okojie

find your passion
Moses Rich Okojie
You don’t learn from hearing, you learn from listening. You hear with your ears and mind but you listen with your heart. – Moses Rich Okojie

Your success should neither be measured by your possessions nor by your neighbours’. Success is measured by how big you think. It is measured by the contents of your mind. – Moses Rich Okojie

You can never become rich until you enrich others. You prosper when you contribute to the prosperity of others. You get what you give. This is a law of life. – Moses Rich-Okojie

If I get to meet you for the very first time, I need no prophet to tell me who you are. All I need is to hear you speak. – Moses Rich Okojie

True success is a state of mind. – Moses Rich Okojie

Your creativity is limited when you are in your comfort zone. – Moses Rich Okojie

Perseverance is a major ingredient in the soup of achievement. Without it, you’ll never last. – Moses Rich Okojie

If your goal in life is all about personal comfort or gratification, then of all men you are most miserable. – Moses Rich Okojie

Acting out your imagination brings the future into the present. – Moses Rich Okojie

Let your dream be centred on adding value to other people; it’s the highest level of living. – Moses Rich Okojie

As a man thinks, so is he. As he continues to think, so he remains. – Moses Rich Okojie
As a car in the parking lot cannot be steered, so God cannot guide you if you have not conquered inertia. Every dream has a beginning. Therefore move! - Moses Rich Okojie

When you begin to think about impacting the world positively and you start something, God will begin to expand your vision. - Moses Rich Okojie

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