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How to Conquer Your Fears

How to overcome Fear...Moses Rich Okojie
In the world today, fear is the order of the day. We live in a fear-based society.

When you turn on the news or read the news-paper, you’ll discover than fear has become the pattern for millions of people all over the world. According to some folks, “Fear is normal; it is part of life.” 

As a Christian, you should know that fear is not normal. It has never been normal and will never be normal. It is anything but normal! 

Fear is one of satan’s tools which he uses to destroy lives. In the Bible, when God appeared to people, His first words to them are, “Fear not…” God knows what fear can accomplish in our life, that’s why He charges us not to fear. 

For the Christian who is born-again and spirit-filled, there is no fear in his spirit because he has not been given the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. (2 Tim 1:7). Hallelujah! 

How Fear is Produced

“How is fear produced?” you may ask. Fear is produced and comes as a result of things you’ve learnt, heard, seen and experienced. People are afraid to die of sickness, afraid that they’ll never have children, afraid that they’ll never get a job, and for some afraid they’re going to lose their jobs. 

When you are ruled by fear, your life begins to move in the direction of what you fear. Viktor Frankl once remarked, 
“Fear makes come true that which one is afraid of.”

Many folks have filled their vocabulary with, “I’m afraid…”  which causes them to walk out of peace and safety. The fact is satan sends the assassin-fear into people’s lives, and when they accept it, they unwittingly give him (satan) control of their lives. 

Satan desperately wants to control you, and he achieves that by attacking you with fear. Satan thrives on your fears. When you act fear, he attacks you.

Now, you may wonder and ask, “How do I get rid of fear in life?” 

The only weapon God has given His children to defeat this ruthless enemy-fear, is His Word.

The Bible counsels, “Faith cometh by hearing the Word of God” (Rom 10:9). When you receive God’s Word into your heart, faith comes. Faith is the weapon that conquers fear. 

It’s important for you to know that the Word of God is the only remedy for fear. As Dr. Creflo Dollar once remarked, 
“Faith is a practical demonstration of confidence in God and His Word, while fear is a practical demonstration of confidence in satan and his word.”

You’ve got to fill your heart and mind with God’s Word because without the Word of God, there will be no faith, and without faith you cannot conquer fear. No matter what you face in life, you’ll always have to respond with faith.

Through faith, the saints of old “…subdued kingdoms…” (Heb 11:21). 

It’s also important to note that your mouth plays a key role in activating the power faith as well as the power of fear. When you tolerate fear, you’ll inevitably speak the wrong words which will eventually bring negative results. 

Faith and Fear Are Seen in Our Words

 Whenever you talk yourself down, you are speaking fear; therefore giving satan access into your life. Refuse to fear! The worst thing that could happen to you is for you to be ruled by fear. 

American President, Harry S. Truman once said, 
“The worst danger we face is the danger of being paralyzed by doubts and fears.” It doesn’t matter what comes against you, you should keep declaring words of health, joy, and strength.

Make a habit of declaring faith-filled words about your life, family, job, business, health and your finances. Let your mouth be filled with faith-filled words and watch your life move from one level of glory to another as you Achieve Your Dreams!

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