Hi and welcome. I am so glad you made it here. My mission is to help you discover your purpose, your innate potentials and ultimately achieve your God-given dreams. 
  Stay a while and I’ll tell you a little about me. 

Early in my life, I never knew I could write so well until I joined the drama group in high school. However, all in a bid to follow the norm and be “normal”, like every other young person, I got into the university and studied Computer Science.

After graduation, I worked with several companies and in different careers as a Customer Service Officer in a financial institution, Marketing Manager in a consulting firm, and fast forward, lastly, I worked as a HSE Officer with a construction firm. 

In all my gallivanting, something was missing. I still felt empty. I was not fulfilled.

Well, since all I wanted to do was serve God with my life, I began to write plays and act on stage. Interestingly, I often lost track of time when writing or rehearsing plays (I never left the drama group).
For the most part, I didn’t even care if I was going to get paid or not, all I wanted to do was write and act plays for God; this was my “passionate passion” (I don’t even know if there’s any word like passionate passion but I guess you understand me *smiles*). One thing I know is that I did what I did with the whole of my heart and strength. 

In fact, I thought I was called to be a movie star. Little did I know that God had a bigger plan for me. I did not know that my writing of plays and acting in church was a training ground for me. 

As I became more dedicated in the house of God, I began to have the desire in me to write books that will uplift and inspire the youths; books that will change their lives permanently. Also, I began to hold success seminars and trainings for youths in schools and churches. 

As I put myself into these activities, it dawned on me that this is what I was born to do. I was born to give meaning to the lives of men (the youths) through my books and seminars. 

And to confirm what I’d been feeling in my heart, God said to me in August 2011,
“Times will be difficult in the future but only the initiated will survive and reign. Thus, I am sending you to the youths to prepare them for the future.” 

This is why I blog, write books and teach in seminars.

You see, to live a life of true success, you must walk in God’s preordained path for you. Many people get frustrated and unhappy in life as a result of not living to their full potential. They simply do not know why they are alive. They know they have been called to achieve something great but they have no iota of idea what this “great” thing is. 
 When you do not know your true purpose for being, you will always be at the wrong place; you will get into the wrong job, marry the wrong person and eventually live a mediocre life.

Is this the life you want for yourself? I sure hope you don’t.

You Are Special and Unique

I want you to know that you are special. You are unique. God doesn’t create two people for the same purpose.  No. He doesn’t. He has a plan for your life. And it is your responsibility to discover that plan.

Do you know that you cannot plan for your neighbour’s kids? You may like them but you cannot plan for their future because you’re not their parent. It is not your responsibility. Only their parents can plan for them.

In the same way, God has a plan for every one of His kids. He has a specific plan for you.

Question: Have you discovered God’s plan for you?

If not, you can do that today! RIGHT NOW! 

In my new book, How to Achieve Your Dreams Now: A Step By Step Guide to Finding Your Purpose and Living a Fulfilled Life, you will learn how to discover your reason for being and how to live up to your full true potential.


Do you know many people are not living up to their full potential because they do not know their purpose for being? They simply do not know the purpose for which God created them.

Every human on earth has been destined to live a life of purpose but not everyone has found their purpose and started living it. No one was born to live a mediocre life. You are special. You were born for a unique purpose. 

Your life will take on a whole new meaning if you would discover your reason for being and begin to live it.

Sometime ago, I read the story of a six year old boy. When he graduated from Kindergarten, he was asked by his father what he plans to be when he grows up. The little boy looked at his father intently for a moment and then answered, “Dad, I want to be a Professor.”

“A Professor? A Professor of what?” his father asked.

“Well, Dad,” he replied “I want to be a Professor of Happiness.”

That is a great ambition! A Professor of happiness. I love that boy. Just as the six year old boy was asked by his father what he planned to be when he’s grown up, I ask the same of you. The only difference perhaps, between you and that little boy is that you’re already grown-up. 

 So, I’d like to know, what is your dream in life? Where do you want to be in the next five or ten years of your life? Think about it. 

 What is God’s plan for you? You can discover it today. Yes. You can! 

 You see, God is in the business of making people. He can make you become the man or woman of His dream. But you’ve got to let Him make you; it won’t take Him time at all. 

 It is so sad to meet young people in their 30’s that do not have a bearing in life. You may have a “good” job, but is that all life is all about? Having a good job?

Listen to the wise words of the great teacher, Myles Munroe:
"No matter what you are busy doing, no matter what you are accomplishing, if it’s not what God wants you to do, you won’t be completely successful in it. Why? Because true success is not in what you accomplish; it is in doing what God told you to do."
It does not matter how young or how old you are, God is longing to reveal your future to you.

Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or even 50’s, it is not too late to be used by God. Do you remember Moses and his encounter at the burning bush? He discovered his purpose for living at the age of 80.

No person on earth can give you your vision. It is God-given.

God has the blueprint for your life. He has a very specific plan in His mind for you. You’ve got to find out from Him what He wants for your life.

After I discovered my purpose, I made a decision to help others discover their purpose in God too. And every time I share these truths with people, their lives literally change. A light illuminates in their spirits and finally they say, “Now I can see.”

It is God’s plan for you to live a fulfilled life and it’s His plan for you to be happy, prosperous, productive and effective.

The site is full of resources that can help you get started on the journey to living God’s dream for you. 

 However, to achieve results even faster, you should get the book, How to Achieve Your Dreams Now: A Step By Step Guide to Finding Your Purpose and Living a Fulfilled Life.

The book is filled with timeless and God-given steps you must take for you to discover your purpose and live a fulfilled life. The book is just for you.

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