Thursday, 3 March 2016


Prosperity is Not Our Goal

Isaiah 1:19 teaches us that prosperity is not our goal in life but is a by-product of obedience. Financial prosperity for the Christian is not a choice, it is your heritage and your birth right. However that does not mean that you will necessarily enjoy prosperity. You need to first discover or know your birth right to enjoy it. We are already financially prosperous by birth right and do not need to fight or struggle for financial prosperity. 

For instance a British born student ignorantly paying foreign student fees at a British University. He must realise that as an indigenous Briton, it is his right to pay no or reduced fees.  Remember, none of God's children were born not to do well. Our heritage is to do well.
 Ecclesiastes 5:10 tells us that it is futile to love cash or abundance, as there is no satisfaction in them. 

The enemy will always ensure that you have things you chase instead of serving God. It is your wisdom to quit chasing tangible things and focus on the intangible because the tangible is a product of the intangible.

 We serve a God who is more than enough. God gave quails to the Israelites in the wilderness of which they ate their fill when they wanted meat.  No money was expended by God or the Israelites to gain the quail. 

Do not trust in the earthly economy to meet your needs.  Hebrews 4:10 lets us know that those who have entered God's rest have ceased from their labours.

If God can get funds through you a ready vessel, he can get funds to you. Abraham was blessed by God to be a blessing. The goal is to be a blessing, not to be blessed because we were born blessed when we got born again.


I am a blessing to my work, church and the kingdom of God.
I am a vessel of God's blessing.
I am a channel of God's blessing.
Funds are coming through me to be channeled.
I am rich, poverty is not in my DNA.

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